About us       

TULIPpharma® is the pharmaceutical outlet of the international TULIPgroup, whose main activities are focused on solutions in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. The company is located in the heart of Europe, in Bratislava. This location provides advantage to our patients and partners – we are are not only active in Slovakia, but also in neighbouring countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland).

Why Bratislava?

  • Domestic market
  • Long and rich history (Pozsony, Pressburg)
  • Tradition of multiliguistics
  • Qualified and passionate people
  • High and easy accessibility to neighbouring countries: Austria (10 min), Hungary ( 20 min ), Czech Republic (30 min) and Poland (75 min )

TULIPpharma® is specialised in marketing and sales of modern medical products. Our company offers our customers innovative, efficient and safe pharmaceuticals to fight against illnesses helping people to live a more beautiful, active and worthwhilely life.
  Our mission

We aim to be different. We offer our patients unique benefits of modern medicines in effective and safe products. Our partners we provide differenciated services and highly professional, trust based relationships.
  • We respect people and different cultures
  • We build trustful relationships to clients and partners.
  • We life entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
  • We put highest expectations in our people and products
  • We are fully dedicated to customer orientation for the mutual success
  • We stand in for trustworthy relationships, social responsibility and ethical principles.

..... Art of living
..... Art of living healthy
..... Art of healing

  Why are we different?

  • We exploit our know-how in pharmaceutical business not only at our Slovakian home market, but without borders in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.
  • We represent a rich and long-standing experiences in pharmaceutical marketing and sales.
  • We bring unique marketing solutions and innovative approaches...

We guarantee:

  • Passion and an experienced team
  • Flexible and competetive suggestions and solutions
  • Fair pricing
  • Trustworthy partnership

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